Go Blogware Go! Congrats to Ross, Tom, Joey and the rest of the Tucows crew for shipping Blogware. Even if I wasn’t a Blogware reseller, I’d be recommending it. It’s cheaper (my friend we have got a special inexpensive price just for you :-) ) and better (in terms of storage, and photo features) than TypePad, but both are great. Let the true competition begin!

From Blogware :: Blogware: Officially Released!:


After putting in over a year's worth of work -- research, designing, programming, testing and collecting feedback -- we are proud to announce the official release of Blogware version 1.0! Blogware is our dream weblogging tool, the answer to a question we asked ourselves: "If we could make our ideal weblog software, what would it be like?" The end result is a tool that we not only build, but use every day in both our professional capacities and for personal blogging. Blogware has many features, including:


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