I agree that RSS (or syndication if that’s a better term for you) will be bigger than blogging. But I believe everyone will blog (not just text, also video, audio, etc.) eventually just as “everyone” emails. Some people even today choose not to use email. But email is readily available and cheap so that if you want it, you can use it. The same thing will happen with blogging. We may not call it blogging, but it will have all the characteristics of today’s blogging: instant networked sharing of text, audio, video, etc.

From The Art of Blogging - elearnspace. everything elearning.:


  • RSS will be bigger than blogging
  • Not everyone is a blogger
  • Everyone is a potential RSS subscriber
  • Personal blogging and work may not always be wise
How does this translate into learning, personal knowledge management, knowledge sharing, conversations???
  • Instructors can engage learners…and introduce learners to others in the field (i.e. tap learners into a learning pipeline that lasts beyond a “course”)
  • Learners can develop own reputation (eportfolio)
  • Institutions can share knowledge via simple, social tools


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