Yet another reason not to buy CDs from artists (I love the music of the Tragically Hip and BNL but they are tragically misguided when it comes to ‘piracy’ from downloads and the effect on the music business) who are part of the dysfunctional recording industry. And I wouldn’t bother downloading because I fear that they will come after you (to the detriment of music in general) at some point in the future. No, in my opinion, the only way to stop the CRIA and their misguided artists is to stop buying music from them at all and to stop downloading and to create your own music and to listen to the music of real artists who see an opportunity in downloading and not a threat.

(via Random Bytes) - From CRIA News:


(Toronto) - Since the Federal Court decision on 31 March, Internet piracy has been rampant. The Tragically Hip, one of Canada's treasured cultural assets, was one of the hardest hit. During a five-week stretch from 30 March to 7 May, there were more than half a million unauthorized attempts to download the new Tragically Hip single, "Vaccination Scar". Overall, during this period, Universal Music reported 2.8 million attempts to illegally download The Tragically Hip’s recordings. During the same period fewer than 1,000 copies were purchased legally online.


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