Wow! Thanks Adriaan! Must try this. Bet it only works with QuickTime movies and not the .AVIs generated by my Canon S400 but that’s no problem since I can convert to QuickTime pretty easily.

From chaotic intransient prose bursts: 1.1.7:


Another ecto version is out in the wild. It has one new feature that has been requested for a while by a variety of users: Movie upload: What the new feature does, is offer users an option to indicate how the movie is used in the blog entry. There are two options: ecto creates a link to the movie inside your blog entry. This can be a direct link or a javascript that opens a new window with the movie in it. This option uses a thumbnail as the link. A nice feature is that you can tell ecto which frame of the movie to use as a thumbnail. To do this, use the movie controller to go to the desired frame. Then, in the "Movie" pane, click the "Set thumbnail to current frame" checkbox. If it was checked already, uncheck and check again to refresh the thumbnail. The second option is an embed tag. The movie is then inserted right into your blog entry. This can be useful for small movies, but be careful not to overuse it or embed large movies. Embedding can make page load much slower.


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