I don’t know why people are still getting there knickers in a twist about this. After all it’s 2004, not 1999. Just do it. You are doing a disservice to your users if you are not providing a feed. I prefer RSS 2.0 with full text but any feed (Atom is fine, excerpts are fine I grudgingly admit) is better than no feed.

From Syndication and its Discontents (Signal vs. Noise):


We’re getting ready to launch a fairly major redesign of our studio site and we’re trying to decide what is the right thing to do relative to providing a syndicated feed via Atom and/or RSS. Let’s use our site as an example for this discussion but we really want to know what SvN people think about the issue because there are also many decisions to be made relative to the work we do for clients. First, our audience (at least some of them) wants the feed. We get emails about it all the time. Specifically they want our daily link list “Fresh Signals” syndicated. We’re glad for the interest and in general we’re disposed to give our audience what they want, but we’re more than a little conflicted here.


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