I am currently borrowing Boris’s old Sony Ericsson T616 (thanks!). I was planning on buying a camera phone in July or August for my 40th birthday. Should I wait for the 6630? I don’t really want to wait that long but it appears to have what I want: a really good 1 Mega Pixel camera!

From Nokia - Nokia goes full speed ahead with world’s smallest 3G megapixel phone - Press Releases - Press - About Nokia:


With 1.23 million effective pixels in its camera, and a host of digital imaging features, the Nokia 6630 is the most advanced camera phone introduced in the GSM market to date. The vast range of imaging features include 1 to 6x variable digital zoom for picture and video capture, manual exposure control, sequence mode for fast picture capture, up to 1 hour of video recording and wireless printing directly from the handset utilizing solutions by HP and Kodak. Users can take pictures and record video at the click of a single button, and share their favorite images in any number of ways. With the built-in memory and in-box MultiMediaCard (MMC), the Nokia 6630 features 74MB of memory in its standard configuration, making it easy to store images, videos, music and other multimedia content. For those seeking entertainment, the Nokia 6630 phone offers a digital MP3 music player and real-time video streaming on its bright color display. The mobile broadband capacity of WCDMA networks enables the Nokia 6630 imaging phone to show high-quality, real-time video streaming and support videoconference calling. The RealOne mobile player supports the large existing base of Real-formatted video content and new 3GPP content designed for mobile devices. Optional enhancements for the Nokia 6630 include an attachable flash for brighter pictures, a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for easier data input and the Advanced Car Kit for convenient hands-free communication in the car environment. The Nokia 6630 is based on Symbian OS. It is a tri-band phone for GSM 900/1800/1900, EDGE and WCDMA networks. Weighing 127 grams and measuring 110 x 60 x 20.6 mm, it is world's smallest megapixel phone for GSM and WCDMA networks. The Nokia 6630 is planned to be available during the fourth quarter of 2004, and the estimated, unsubsidized sales price of the Nokia 6630 is expected to be less than €500. 


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