John Chalfa - Thu, Jun 17, 2004 12:58:18 PM -everybody has a story (sounds like blogging to me!) -Use iMovie,iPhoto Sydney:Workflow --came from theatre --use I voice not he or she --gotta have a script --can't do anything if you don't know what it is about --use original music if you can --takeaway - who is the audience for the piece ---why does this story need to be told now? ---good stories are about redemption or resurrection ---even if you don't get what you want, you learn (even when you are defeated) John:Mercer Stories -get people working with the tools as quickly as possible -in order to have a reference point -shows movies that tell us a story about a place that you like Kelly -new media summer bootcamp for faculty -shows videos done in 2 days! -Sydney -"you'll find it's like an addiction; they get started and they can't stop (sounds like Blogging again!) -you can find a theme song for anything on iTunes ("the Library is the place for you and me") Sydney - doing it in your own voice with your own accent adds to the authenticity -elco bogging video (running trucks through mud in Georgia :-) ) -John: none of the pieces are > 3 minutes -no animation or video shown only because it was the first assignment! -emphasize found objects e.g. from family archives Q:what's the most successful way to get the stories out of students who say "I don't have anything to say" -Sydney - use books as story props, memoirs Writing Life Stories by bill Rohrbach (sp?) -Joe Lambert is current guru of digital storytelling - his book from Center for digital Storytelling ( -use cherry blossum video from a student as a marketing tool for Macon's cherry tree Q: how long is the course, how many stories -3 times a week, 52 minutes for a semester (Sydney, not long enough) -once people get a grasp on a technology (hard as it is), they are addicted! -first 6 weeks on writiing, 4 graded pieces -don't touch computer until script is written -peer review the script with them before letting them shoot -peer review is a great way to build a learning community -techie kids get in there and teach the others -the biggest problem is that people are reticent about telling their stories -you've got to own your story The URL: - future site with the presentation on it

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