[UPDATE: I meant blojsom NOT bloxsom as a friendly comment pointed out. I should know better since I have played around with bloxsom! In my opinion, both names are far too geeky and far too easy to confuse but that’s just me! My apologies for the confusion and inaccuracy!]

We interrupt this vacationing blog pause for a special announcement :-) !

OK, now I want Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger for secure and private iChats. The bundled Bloxsom blogging system ain’t bad either but I would prefer Drupal which we used for UrbanVancouver.

Back to vacation mode!

From Apple - Mac OS X - Mac OS X Server v10.4 Tiger Preview:


iChat Server. Host your own private and secure inside-the-firewall iChat server that uses your own namespace and works with both Tiger’s iChat AV and popular Jabber clients available on Windows, Linux and PDAs. Weblog Server. Host your own Weblog server, featuring calendar-based navigation and customizable themes. User can post using either a web browser or blog clients that support XML-RPC or the ATOM API.


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