Preach it brother! Jim continues to say what others won’t. and in a way that’s offensive to some but brashness aside speaks truth.

802.11 + a cheap managed servern + the Internet = freedom from the slings and arrows of outrageous IT

From If IT likes it, then F*CK-IT - Sex, Drugs & Unix:


I think there are two bits of technology that the CIO will not control, no matter how hard she tries: 802.11 and the big-I "Internet" Its likely that many readers (both of you) have already reached for the "rogue AP" response. IT departments are notorious for their response to 'foreign" 802.11 APs being attached to the corporate network. [...irrelevant Sister Mary tirade deleted :-) ] But what if you didn't attach the AP to the precious (santified) "corporate network"? What if it just stood there, powered up, spraying its 2.4GHz through the walls, and offering a conduit through which your department members can communicate with each other? This would be a community network for the people you work with, and who amoung us doesn't spend more time at work than at home? Hell people, I found my lovely wife at work. What if it was, in reality a ... linux machine with a wireless card, and on that linux machine there were (hush now), "applications"? blogs? websites? "Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy."


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