Richard and I are driving up to Bellevue tomorrow to hang with the geeks, meet Robert Scoble, Sam Gentile (whose C++ blogging I’ve enjoyed) and many others, catch up with Anita, meet her husband Jack and maybe even talk about UrbanVancouver and our upcoming Vancouver Blog Conference in 2005.

See you there! If there’s any change in plans, please call me on my mobile at 604 729 7924.

From Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger:


And I'm holding one (Sam Gentile, Dan Appleman, and Rod Paddock, the publisher of CoDE magazine, all say they'll be there) on Thursday night (the 29th). We'll meet at the Bellevue Barnes and Noble (the one downtown Bellevue) at 7 p.m. (Dan Appleman is doing a book signing) and then we'll move to Rock Bottom Brewery (probably be there starting at about 7:30). Everyone's invited.


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