Marc nails it. It is all coming together. Expect more companies to ‘video blog’ their IPOs (check out Google’s video here by filling in a valid US Zip code and state) and other publicly required info rather than using the same old same old stale boring old PR strategies of days gone by.

From Marc’s Voice: Everything comes together - eventually:


But when Sergey and Larry use video to launch their IPO, they're communicating a kind of grass roots - "we don't need need the lawyers and the PR flacks to tell our story" - kind of attitude. Sure they come off straight - but they're billionaires now - they're supposed to act like adults. They trot out the CFO to talk numbers and they explain their technology - in a clean, concise manner. That's the foudnation of the terms of their IPO - "trust us" - we know what we're doing. THAT's what has to change on Wall St. I would never ever ever do an IPO again, or buy stocks, or participate in that corrupt system until the notion of some uptight, fund manager's paranoia about something that has nothing to do with me, our technology or our company - goes away. Technology and Wall St. don't really mix well - when assumptions, conjecture, estimates and gutt level instincts reign supreme. When you start to map all the requirements of a successful IPO and on-going market presence onto technology stocks - what you get are people cooking the books, making decisions that hurt the technology and all sorts of other bullshit - that ultimately hurts everyone. But the way Google is doing it - keeps as much of the bullsh*t out of the mix. And using video to communicate how they're doing it - is RIGHT ON!


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