This looks great especially WYSIAWYG and improved image handling! I look forward to beta testing in round 2. I would go for Round 1 but I depend on ecto for my job so I want something that’s a little more stable (although Adriaan’s betas are a lot more stable than a lot of people’s shipping software!).

From ecto blog: ecto 2: And you thought you saw the last of it?:


As hinted in an earlier entry, I have been working on a major upgrade of ecto for Mac OS version 10.3 or higher. I had a list of user requests, suggestions, and a few remaining stubborn bugs, all of which I wanted to get rid off for good. The result is ready for beta testing, although one new feature, WYSIAWYG (with the A for "almost", naturally) is still disabled (I'm a sucker for details, so I'm working on that one more extensively myself). The first round of beta testing will be limited to a few users. Some of you will receive an invitation, others can contact me with a request to be included for testing. Since I'm only allowing up to 50 beta testers, spots are limited. Ideally, I will be selecting beta testers based on what blog system they use and how they use ecto. So, if you want to beta test, make sure to provide these details. I will provide more info this week.


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