Who needs a flash when you have ISO 3200? And add a 1/8000th of a second shutter speed for outdoor shots! Yes! I am definitely going to get a digital SLR within the next year. I figure by Christmas 2005 that we will see SLRs like the Canon 20D that are actually affordable. And that's when I'll get one!

From oreilly.com: The Canon 20D DSLR: First Impressions in the Field:


Continuing in my "pretend you're a reporter" mind frame, the following evening I attended a conference awards presentation. I got there late, so I ended up sitting in the back row of seats, about 75 feet from the stage. I wondered if I could capture these award presenters and recipients in something good enough for a small print at least. I attached my Canon 75-300mm image-stabilized lens, and dialed the ISO up to 1600, and then 3200.

At ISO 1600, there was almost no noticeable noise, and even at ISO 3200, the noise was in the form of slight color variations (see Figure 2) that tended to average out when the shot was reduced 50 percent or more in PhotoShop (see Figure 3). Again, the five-frames-per-second motor drive helped here.


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