Check out my first podcast (RSS), entitled H is for Habseligkeiten, over on

Lessons learned and observations:

  • Far easier to edit and polish text than audio (self explanatory and obvious but it really hits home when you actually do it)
  • It's a big time sink to produce these podcasts. My less than 2 minute podcast took me 30 minutes to produce. Obviously it will be faster next time I hope!
  • GarageBand and iTunes were my tools of choice for creating my MP3 (and it has the ID3 meta data that Marc wants) and they are definitely not optimized for this sort of thing.
  • I love being a DJ, but I'll never be Adam Curry but that's not the point here. The point here is to get your audio out there to the widest possible audience in way that makes it easy to find and listen to it and to convey emotion and other nuances that text can't.
  • Reminds me of university when were on University of Waterloo radio once a week from 2-6a.m.

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