Laugh out loud!

From Everything Is Dead - (via Constantin):


Doc reports on Hugh saying that Branding is Dead.

That's one thing I love about bloggers. It's not necessarily whether branding really is or isn't dead, or whatever they're saying will necessarily come true or not.

It's just so great how they throw out such sweeping statements as fact, and expect people to fall in line as if, "yep, branding is dead. hugh said it on his weblog."

Let's just get it clear right now. I'll say it first.

Everything Is Dead.

Everything. Is. Dead.

Blogging killed it all. Blogging is the mass murderer of branding, advertising, corporate image, corporate communication, corporate ideology, mission statements, public relations, press releases, marketing, blah blah etc etc.

Yeah, you heard it here first. This is Shanti so you know who said it. Everything. Is. Dead.


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