Some random impressions on my first visit to San Francisco (we're staying here for one night before going to Sunnyvale where we are staying for BloggerCon) in 2 years:

  • The air train to the rental cars at SFO is awesome.
  • GPRS at SFO is fast (flickr LIVE! updates in 1 minute!); it sucks in Japantown; please give me the real mobile internet now
  • The flight attendant was depressed about the election; I quickly pointed out that both Canada and the USA have problems which is true but still I'd rather live in Canada. Of course, I am biased :-) !
  • I love San Francisco; I wish I could come here more often!
  • Had some yummy Korean food (Duk Guk aka surf board noodle soup with beef and bim bam bap) at the New Korea House across the street from our hotel. Check out the photos.

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