This rant is written the spirit of "My Canada includes Quebec" :-) !

My blogosphere includes in no particular order:

  • real time photo blogging from a mobile phone
  • telling a story
  • not telling a story
  • recording your life
  • anonymous blogging
  • focused on a specific topic blogging
  • non focused blogging
  • rants
  • raves
  • non real time photo blogging
  • blogging from a pc
  • blogging from a mobile device
  • blogging text
  • blogging audio, podcasting rocks!
  • blogging video
  • blogging from IM
  • blogging some funky multi-media that Marc or some other multi-media maven has invented
  • Flickr (whether you like it or not, Flickr *is* blogging! Of course I love it. Check out my photos)
  • anything with a personal voice that has RSS and a link to each piece of content whether it is text, audio or video
  • every language and every culture

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