More random thoughts and stream of consciousness ideas from BloggerCon III

  • I briefly (way too many brief meetings and conversations!) met Paul Boutin, cool journalist from Wired and elsewhere
  • I briefly chatted with Steve Gillmor. Love the Gillmor Gang and I will have my own Podcast soon at Until then I will have some experimental podcasts at (RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures suitable for iPodder). Must go to Radio Shack and buy a cheap microphone since the microphone on my Powerbook doesn't record any bass! And Steve, I don't know when I will have time to blog here like I did before. Between the baby and our hosted Drupal startup, Bryght ("the of dynamic online web communities"), I barely have time to do any blogging at all these days.
  • Bob Wyman is cool. PubSub is cool. Everybody who cares about what people are saying about them or their companies should be using PubSub to track who links to their website and blogs and to track their keywords (here's a HOWTO that I wrote about this). And they should also be using Feedster to track their keywords (because sometimes Feedster catches things PubSub doesn't and because Feedster provides a history unlike PubSub which 'searches the future'). I would recommend Technorati as well but historically (the last 6 months) every time I have used their service it has NOT worked more often than it has worked. My fingers are cautiously crossed about Technorati's recent relaunch. I hope that this fixes the problems that I have noticed.
  • I briefly chatted with Staci Kramer of OJR and paidContent. Love the stuff she is writing and I am glad to see that Rafat is getting some help! Please don't forget to tell journalists that blogs are digital paper and not therefore not just merely diaries but also serious journalism, marketing, etc. tools.
  • Dan Lyke of Flutterby is cool! He's done some cool Python coding to read GPS coordinates from EXIF data. Hmmm, maybe I can get the Python code that I am help develop on the 7610 to insert GPS data into EXIF data from the 7610. I will post a follow up post on my 'side project' to get 'minimal click' photo blogging to Flickr on the 7610 in both Java and Python.
  • It was pleasure to once more meet Renee Blodget (met her at BloggerCon I), who's the PR brains behind NewGator, iUpload and others. We probably will use Darren's firm for Bryght's PR, but I have a feeling that somehow I will someday end up working with Renee.
  • I met another Roland, Roland Dobbins. Roland you need to blog more and you need to get your 'small' networking company :-) to blog!
  • Susan Mernit is awesome. Another person who I met at BloggerCon I. Wow! A force of nature and someone with a lot of knowledge and contacts..
  • My apologies to Aaron and the ID Commons people and others who I asked about coffee. I was desperate since I haven't had much sleep in months and I arrived late so there was no coffee left. Luckily for everybody else, I found coffee at the nearby bookstore.
  • There were many more people I met, but I just can't remember and blog everything much as I'd like to and much as I used to! My apologies to those I have omitted.

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