Can I buy a Flickr Pro Premium, please (I am already at 86% for this month and it's only November 14th)? Or maybe it could be like Blogware, where I could pay a fixed price per gigabyte that I go over. I'd be willing to pay $5/gigabyte that I go over on Flickr. I really can't believe I take so many photos and that they take so much space. What happens when I buy a 6 or 8 megapixel SLR (which I plan to in Christmas 2005)? I really don't want to upload reduced resolution because then I have to worry about backing up the high res originals. I realize that I am not a "typical" user but I am sure that there will be more and more people like me. Anybody who has a kid and takes 4 megapixel images will eventually be have the same problem methinks which means there are lots of people like me!

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