LATER:Tod left a comment (thanks!). Apparently the WYSIWYG editor works on Windows Firefox. Unfortunately it doesn't work on Mac Firefox! Why not? Bogus! HTML Area works on both Mac and Windows. Surely Microsoft, the biggest software developer for the Mac next to Apple could make it work. To choose not to do so is not right. Gmail's DHTML interface, for example, works equally well on both Mac and Windows Firefox so there is prior art.

Welcome to the blogosphere Micr*soft!

Check out my MSN Spaces Blog. I am sure it will improve and will be acceptable by 3.0 if MS follows its usual track record (which should be around 2006 :-) !). No thanks. If you want a free blog, use Blogger or LiveJournal, I see no compelling reason to use MSN spaces at this time.

Here's a list of things missing or just plain wrong that I found after using it for 10 minutes:

  1. No Firefox compatible WYSIWYG editor (HTML Area is open source and free, use it please!)
  2. Only 10MB of space (a travesty since disk space is basically free, how about 10MB or 100MB a month?)
  3. Really long and bad URLs
  4. Garish themes

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