Nev (and others): I am not blogging for Marqui. I signed up (because if it's good enough for Mitch , who has forgotten more about the ethics of payment and writing then I'll ever know, it's good enough for me!), but between work and raising a child, I simply don't have the time and energy.

From NevOn: Not for love but money.:


Marqui, the company who is paying bloggers $800 a month to blog their product, has a list on their website of who%u2019s signed up so far for the money:

Marc Canter, Allen Herrel, Jonathan Abad, Nathan Weinberg, Molly E. Holzschlag, DL Byron, Lucas Gonze, Mitch Ratcliffe, Paolo Valdemarin, Jon Lebkowsky, Susan E. Kaup, Richard Murray, Richard MacManus, Roland Tanglao, Robin Good, Eric Rice, Peter Caputa IV.

You'd expect these bloggers to prominently state on their blogs that, in effect, they are sponsored in part. The good news is that the majority do.


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