I want MarsLiner! I think in outlines so all I want for Christmas is an outliner like MORE or Radio that outputs the MetaWeblog API (including the Movable Type MetaWeblog API extensions) so I can post to my blog text with simple markup (links, bold, italics, paragraphs and break, other tags would be nice but I don't need them!) and simple media (pictures, and audio and video for podcasts). That's it, that's all. Brent, please change your mind because I think you could sell a ton of these things. If not maybe the open source outliner based on Frontier that Dave is spearheading or maybe Omni Outliner 3 with a suitable export to Meta Weblog API script (doesn't seem like it since OO 2 which I love doesn't even do links!) will give me what I want. Otherwise, some day, I am going to have to dust off my dusty programming mitts and do it myself!

From inessential.com: Weblog: MarsEdit report.:


But MarsLiner was to be a huge improvement, it was supposed to be the outliner of my dreams.

But then I discovered something important: most people don't care about outliners. And the people who do care about outliners, many of them would want the embedded media features that I didn't care about. So I realized that the market would be small, just a subset of the outliner market, which is small enough already - and there are already some great outliners already.


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