Should have read Dav's blog sooner! It's good to know that I am not going crazy and the 7610 (which Mie, Dav's partner uses) really cannot take full 1 mega pixel photos from Java, only from C. Talk about brain damaged and yet another proof that Java s*cks (although to be fair, I probably should say that J2ME s*cks and not Java in general).

From AkuAku: j2me bluetooth gps mo-pho-weblogging.:


J2ME does have a Mobile Multimedia API which can access the camera and create its own jpgs, but (and there's always a 'but' in J2ME I've learned) the quality of mmapi jpegs are far, far worse than those the native camera application is capable of producing. I've done a lot of web searching on this issue, and it seems universally accepted. It was past midnight at this point, so I said "screw the quality" and moved on.


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