Interesting theory: the over abundance of choice in the Windows world leads to stress that you don't have in the Mac world. There is definitely some truth to it. I have found that when looking for Windows software, there are usually hundreds of choices most of which are crap (and it's hard to figure out which ones are crap). But in the Mac world, there are far fewer choices and it's much easier to figure which software is crap. So you have less stress when deciding on what software to use.

From Beware Windows users: You might be more likely to be depressed compared to Mac users.:


Now, what was the point of writing this entry?

Profusion of choice and its paralysing unhappy consequences can be understood and dealt with before purchase. And frankly, as much as writing a blog entry like this is was an exercise in applying psychological theory to my Mac passion, it might actually be helpful to some people.

If you are new to the Mac platform, about to be a new user (or know someone contemplating a switch), you have narrowed or opened your choices to two - Mac or Windows.

Two choices is better than none. No choice is not particularly healthy. Check out what Cringely has written about a possible Microsoft natural monopoly a few years away.

Once in the Mac fold, there will be many more choices, but essentially, there are far fewer regrets you will have once you have made your choice.

From there, there will be a learning curve, but you will experience very little opportunity cost - that is, missing an opportunity to buy better - because that curve will expose you to new ways of doing things which you will quickly discover exceeds the Windows experience.

There is no time to regret, except for the time and potential productivity wasted in not switching earlier.


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