As far as I can tell, the theses from Andy Kessler's Running Money (which I gulped down in 5 days of toilet :-) reading; it's fun: lots of though provoking anecdotes and sound bites one after the other!) are as follows:

  1. Bandwidth and connectivity are the steam engine of the Internet age. Lots of money to be made here.
  2. It's not about where stuff is made; it's about where the Intellectual Property for stuff comes from. If your country creates and popularizes high margin products and services based on Intellectual property, your country will receive more benefit than simply making stuff. In a nutshell, it's not where things come from, it's about where things are designed. The countries that design products and services will ultimately have more power and money than countries that simply make things and extract resources.

I agree with all of this but where does that leave the people who aren't creative (or at least who can't make money off their creative skills? I believe everybody is creative at something!)? Or who are in manufacturing industries? I don't have the answer but something has to be done to help make the transition less painful.

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