This is very cool. All you need is a microphone, a computer and some recording software and you can have your own podcast! That's it that's all. A bit hackish but this is definitely a big opportunity for somebody to do a Flickr for podcasting methinks!

And, BTW, where's the best place to get a reaonable amount of free web space (100MB or more) these days? Does this still exist? Perhaps GeoCities? Will they allow you to store MP3s? I know a lot didn't whether they were legit or not! Is the web server set up correctly to handle MP3s? I figure you only need about 100MB and you can do dozens of 10 minute podcasts.

Yes, we need Podcastr!

From FeedBurner Support :: View topic - Easier Podcasting with SmartCast.:


"Social Podcasting" at

If you'd just like to experiment with Podcasting, join us for some social syndication over at If you have a account, you can post hyperlinks that point directly to your digital media with the tag groupcast. Anything posted with this tag will end up in a Smartcast-powered feed, . This is a quick way to see the effect of this service in action -- and see who else is Podcasting!

If you want to use your account as a starting point for personal Podcasting, you can burn your own account feed and apply the SmartCast service. FeedBurner will create elements in the feed for any links you post to that contain digital media. Painless. And tasty, indeed. </p></blockquote>


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