Check out my first podcast over on I will have multiple podcasts there but for now there is one called unoriginally, DogmaRadio (RSS, direct link to 6MB MP3). I "solved" the noisy fan problem by using a mute switch on my microphone which causes a noticible audio click which I tried to remove using GarageBand.

It's way too hard to do podcasting in January 2005. I basically followed the old Engadget Podcasting recipe using GarageBand because I couldn't get Audacity to work but I would love to have a combined hardware and software all-in-one solution. C'mon Apple, bring on Asteroid! Podcasting today totally reminds me of 1999 and blogging without ecto, MarsEdit and NetNewsWire. Lots of room to make $ providing tools and services around audio and video podcasting me thinks!

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