2005, the year of making money off blogs and RSS continues. Congrats to Mark. I haven't been a big fan of Ask Jeeves! in the past but maybe this acquisition and the start of their blog means things are changing for the better. I would also re-iterate my advice of not keeping your confidential RSS subscriptions in a centralized aggregator like Bloglines no matter who owns them.

From Napsterization.:


That's the scoop. Ask Jeeves is integrating Bloglines into their search system (it's not yet live on their main site, til Monday as reported).

Noted however that on Ask Jeeves new blog (it's a baby, three days old!) at the top, blog search, and the sidebar, Top Blogs and Most Popular Links go straight to Bloglines.

So Mark Fletcher will be their newest employee starting Monday. Congratulations, Mark and Bloglines! Oh, and welcome to the blogosphere, Jeeves!


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