Mud's Tests posts are cool and thick with great ideas but the posts should be broken up and re-written in a more explanatory, less terse, non-point form style so non techies as well as techies can also benefit from Mud's ideas! If I had time, I would do this but I don't! Lazyweb?

From Mud's Tests: XML Concepts: Podcasting support [Ver 2.0, tags added].:


Platform offers end-users various XML-related codes. Users can cut and paste various XML related products to create a custom end-tool.

Users given a menu of XML code to choose from. Web based. Output saved to a custom-web page, or can be sent as a single code-package for hosting elsewhere.

Users given a draft package. Users click on desired sub-elements to get the code. Despite various different XML-elements, all the parts integrate.


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