Go flickr Go! I have paid my own $ and put 8664 (of which approximately 2000 are private) photos on flickr so (for once :-) ! ) I have put my money where my mouth is! Can't wait for the photo backup to DVD and printing services.

From O'Reilly Network: Stewart Butterfield on Flickr.:


At the O'Reilly Emerging Tech Conference in 2004, a startup called Flickr introduced a funny little social networking app that let you upload digital photos into chatroom and IM conversations. While the original launch met with rave reviews from attendees, the Flickr team kept adding features and evolving the service. By July 2004, they had achieved a critical mass of features, and Flickr was becoming the hottest thing on the net. In January 2005 alone, Flickr has been profiled in Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Washington Post.

As of this writing, Flickr boasts 270,000 users, four million photos, 30 percent monthly growth in users, and 50 percent monthly growth in photos. (As a datapoint, when I interviewed Stewart about ten days ago, those numbers were 240,000 users and 3.5 million photos.) And these numbers don't even begin to tell the story. Flickr is a phenomenon, a fundamentally different way of using digital photography and the Internet. Flickr is simply the manifestation of the perfect storm of camera phones, consumer broadband, blogs, RSS, and folksonomy tags.


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