Hi Charlie:

I would love to meet you at Etech or otherwise. However our little 'ole startup (Bryght which does hosted Drupal sites) can't afford to send me to Etech.

Here's my deal to you:

1. Get Nokia to pay my way to Etech (conference fee, hotel, flight etc. from Vancouver, Canada)
2. I'll meet with your engineers and convince them that supporting the MetaWeblog API is a good idea
3. After that, Bryght will do the interoperability testing and any Drupal modifications needed to make LifeBlog work through the MetaWeblog API
we will give those modifications free to the open source community (as we always do) so that the thousands of Drupal sites out there can be LifeBlog compatible as well

I know we can do this because, James Walker, the developer who wrote the blogapi module for Drupal works for Bryght! And you know what? Once we get it working with Drupal, I bet WordPress and the rest of the open source blogging systems will follow very quickly!

Deal :-) ? OK, if there's no deal, love to talk to you and your team via Skype. Seriously, there is no reason to use the Atom API for Lifeblog.

Sure the MetaWeblogAPI s*cks (to use a technical term) but it works and all the blog systems implement it.

If there's a technical case to be made for using Atom versus the MWA for TypePad, I haven't heard it. I have heard you can't delete photos with the MWA. Big deal. If that's the showstopper, people can delete them through their blog's web app. Or have the MWA version not support deletion. Nothing wrong with having a reduced version for MWA and a cool enhanced version for Typepad and Atom.

The question comes down to ubiquity. Do you want Lifeblog to be everywhere or are you content for it just to be in TypePad? I think your interests are better served by having it everywhere but of course your mileage may vary.

From Roland Tanglao's Weblog: Today's Links.:



there are other reasons than lock-in, such as just not putting it in, or focusing on one and not the other, and some others that i can't recall right now.

on the other hand, i'll pass on your request to our developers (again).

i can assure you, lock-in is not even the last thing we are thinking here - we're don't even consider it. we're not that stupid. slow, maybe, but not stupid. proprietary shit is just not worth it.

looking forward to chatting with you some day. going to etech?




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