Amen! Go Adam go! More posts more often please! And they don't all have to be long pieces!

From Adam Bosworth's Weblog: Tensions on the Web.:


I've always been hugely suspicious of top down taxonomies and restrictive ones (e.g. if you're a book, you're not a newspaper) and confident that normal people would never bother to classify things according to someone else's taxonomy. But I think that tagging has broken through that. It is sufficiently KISS (see my early talks on this for why I think this is good) and rewarding (you get attention if you pick popular tags) to have gained amazing momentum. The clever and audacious Dave Sifry of Technorati claims to have found 5MM tagged posts just in the last 2 and a half months (from and from Flickr and from various blogs). As long as we don't let the ontologists take over and tell us why tags are all wrong, need to be classified into domains, and need to be systematized, this is going to work well albeit, sloppily. What it does is open up ways to find things related to anything interesting you've found and navigate not a web of links but a link of tags.


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