Unbelievable. My memories of BeOS are bittersweet; I felt that BeBox owners like myself were not adequately taken care of when Be became software only. And I still think that JLG is a better visionary than somebody who can actually run a company. I basically would never buy anything from a JLG company again. Lastly, the BeOS while great for multi-media suffered from the C++ fragile base case problem and thus was never as insanely great technically as lots of people said it would and it never had a tractor app!

From Joi Ito's Web: BeOS Ready for a Comeback as Zeta OS.:


Excellent. I was hoping that BeOS would end up as an Open Source project somehow, but I guess this is better than nothing. I will definitely be watching for this. I have a soft spot for BeOS. Frank Boosman invited me onto their advisory board when he was working at Be. I joined towards the tail end of their life when they were shifting their focus to Internet appliances. We were in touch with the Japanese BeOS users group. When Be Inc. blew up, many of the core members of the users group started a company called Beatcraft, which my company Neoteny ended up investing in. Frank Boosman went on to start Air Eight, which is now 3Dsolve, which Neoteny also invested in. I've also kept in touch with Jean-Louis Gassée. Be Inc. and BeOS attracted some amazing people and it's interesting to see this revival.


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