This sounds great but why not open the contest to any Canadian resident or citizen who posts a cameraphone picture to flickr tagged with 'vidfest2005' AND 'interact'? And why limit it to only one entry per person?

From ZeD - group - VIDFEST Phonecam Challenge via the VIDFEST blog.:


In the name of fame, fortune, and of course art, we challenge you to fuse form and function through the cell phone medium. So start snapping and send us your phonecam images because the Grand Prize Winner gets 500 bucks in cold, hard Canadian cash.

The theme is "interact". You're free to interpret this in whatever manner you see fit; however, we really don't need to see what you're up to in the boudoir, if you know what we mean.

Shortlisted photos will be displayed in the VIDFEST Wi-Fi Lounge, where they will be majestically projected onto multiple screens and slideshows. VIDFEST attendees will be able to vote for a People's Choice Award winner. The juried Grand Prize Winner and the People's Choice Winner will be announced at VIDFEST in mid-June.

Phonecam Rules and Guidelines:

:: Only one entry per person.
:: You must use your cell phone to snap the photo.
:: The photo must relate to the theme "interact".
:: Email your photo via your cell phone to
:: Include your name, location and regular email address in the body of your email. :: Contest closes June 1st.
:: All submissions will be uploaded to the ZeD VIDFEST page. We will select the 10 best photos for display at VIDFEST.
:: Entrants must be Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants.


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