Thanks for the quick reply Charlie. Yes, I don't plan on using the Windows portion of Lifeblog. I will only use the 7610 portion of Lifeblog. I tried to upgrade to Lifeblog 1.5 and bypassed the installation warnings but I can't uninstall Lifeblog 1.0 or install 1.5 over it (I'll try again but I am not optimistic). Finally, I will try to go through official Nokia Canada channels to upgrade the firmware. Regardless, I will report here.

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you only need to update your firmware if you want to transfer your items to lifeblog on your pc. if you have a mac or don't want to transfer stuff to your pc (great way to clear up space on the phone and manage all the items, though) then when installing 1.5 on your 7610, just bypass the installation warnings. you should still be able to install 1.5 on the 7610 (at least, I remember doing it once). it should still post to flickr.

in the mean time, i'll see what i can do. you should be able to go to a nokia service center and get the firmware upgraded. i know the 7610 is not officially on sale in canada, but the upgrade should still be there. have you contacted nokia care directly?

talk to you later.



ps and you should be able to uninstall lifeblog 1.0 from your phone. you need to uninstall 1.0 before installing 1.5 - 1.5 does not install on top of 1.0 (I can explain that some other time).


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