Thanks to Charlie, I was able to get Lifeblog working on my 7610. Check out my flickr lifeblog photos.

Questions and observations so far:

  • GPRS s*cks :-) in Canada! Way too slow. Give me EVDO or 3G please!
  • It would be nice if I could upload more than 4 photos at once. How about 10? Or unlimited? I take lots of photos.
  • Will upgrading my firmware speed up my photo uploads? I doubt it, but you never know.
  • It would be nice if my photos were deleted automagically from Lifeblog after they are successfully uploaded to flickr.
  • It would also be nice if I could set the flickr access level (private, family, friends) and tags.
  • Boris claims that if you delete photos outside of Lifeblog, it gets upset and doesn't work anymore (at least on his 6630). I hope that's not true but it won't affect me since I plan managing my photos exclusively in Lifeblog since it's way better than Gallery or emailing photos!

From Roland Tanglao's Weblog: Charlie Schick replies to my Lifeblog and 7610 upgrade plea.:


regarding removing 1.0, it sometimes gets hidden upon restart. a series 60 thing. from the FAQs at,,71770,00.html#2

I can't seem to uninstall Nokia Lifeblog from the phone.

When you chose to uninstall (Menu, Tools, Manager, App.manager) Lifeblog from the phone, the phone restarts. After the restart, the installer should ask you if you wish to continue uninstalling Lifeblog. If you do not see that dialog box appear after the restart, then for some reason it became hidden. To unhide the installer, press and hold the menu key to reveal the application switching menu. Select the installer and proceed with the removal of Lifeblog. Once you have successfully removed the old version of Lifeblog you can install the newer version.


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