Go Samsung go! Only a matter of time before cameraphones with 3 megapixels and above and 3x optical zoom replace low end point and shoot cameras.

From Samsung SCH-S250 Reviewed (Verdict: 5MP Cameraphones are Nice) : Gizmodo.:


Want to know what the pictures from a cameraphone with a 5-megapixel sensor look like? MobileBurn has a review of the Samsung SCH-S250, a Korea-only import that was one of the first from Samsung to feature a high-megapixel sensor (which means no optical zoom like the models announced this year). The pictures are okay, but there is a lot of noise and a lack of color depth to most of them, which bears out the thinking that more megapixels does not necessarily mean more better. Still, it%u2019s interesting to see some shots from the same sensors that will likely be in our phones next year.


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