I don't think this is needed in the long run. In the long run "blogger relations" will be a normal part of Internet marketing just like answering email!

From Blogger Relations - Issue Dynamics, Inc. (IDI).:


More and more non-profit and corporate organizations are realizing that they ignore the blogosphere at their own peril. If not closely monitored, blogs can surprise an organization with a storm gathering around their issue or brand. At the same time, blogs provide an opportunity to reach so-called "influentials"-those members of society responsible for influencing mass opinion within their personal and professional circles.

IDI has been building online campaigns for over a decade and in 2003 was the first company to integrate blogging with online advocacy technology. IDI continues its history of innovative use of new media in public affairs campaigns with a new service offering- Blogger Relations. IDI Blogger Relations clients have already included Fortune 50 corporations, national trade associations, advocacy groups and political party committees. Blogger Relations allows organizations to maximize outreach and influence public perception within the blogosphere through the use of the following 4 strategies:


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