Seth nails it! Yep, you can pontificate until the cows come home about how useless blogs and podcasts are and who the h*ck cares about RSS but either you adopt them or jump out of the game, simple as that. That means YOU have to blog and podcast (or at least use them and read and listen to them to your advantage), not just those crazy early adopters like that Roland guy with the 10, 000 blogs that he writes :-) . Like I have said for many years, soon, blogging (or podcasting or video blogging) will be as ubiquitous as email; we just won't call it blogging.

From Seth's Blog: The New Digital Divide.:


As a result, your most-connected, most influential customers are part of the digerati. They can make or break your product, your service or even your religion's new policies. Because the Net is now a broadcast (and a narrowcast) medium, the digerati can spread ideas.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the digerati are using the learning tools built into the Net to get smarter, faster. A new Net tool can propogate to millions in just a week or two. Unlike the old digital divide, this means that the divide between the digerati and the rest of the world is accelerating.

So, it's choice time. Several of my colleagues (tompeters! being a notable example) are jumping in with both feet. Others take a look at the headstart and decide that it's just too much work.

Try to imagine doing your work today without email. It's inconceivable. I think the tools of the digerati are going to be just as essential in just a moment or two. You can wait until Microsoft issues them all as a dumbed down package, but if you do, you'll not only miss the texture and understanding that comes from learning as you go, but you'll always be trying to catch up.


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