I love these kind of things. Go Tod and Darren go! The sky's the limit when it comes to audio and video. All you need is imagination (no problem) and bandwidth (an issue today for video but we are solving it) and storage (no problem). Audio and Video are going to be bigger than text and photo blogging once the bandwidth and storage problems are fixed; and they are totally complemented by text and photo blogging which will act as the promotional and carrier media for audio and video.

From How To Do Stuff.:


You don't need to be a good singer to learn how to train your voice -- if you speak at all in public, or just want to be heard hailing a cab on a busy street, ex-theatre guy (now blogger) Darren Barefoot shamelessly recalls his thespian training and explains how to warm up your voice (and pick a peck of pickled peppers).


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