Sounds mighty fishy to me too!

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The CEO (Jesse Tayler) of a company (Netmodular) that develops blogging software (Blogworking) writes a less than entirely coherent pitch for his own product.

He posts this pitch on an independently-owned, semi-commercial blog site (AlwaysOn) that just happens to run on the software platform developed by his company.

Neither the author nor the site's owners make any effort to disclose the partisan nature of the pitch.

After I attack the covert and, in my opinion, clumsily argued pitch at my blog, a commenter (Marc Lefton) leaps to the original author (Jesse Tayler)'s defence.

Thirty seconds of research reveal that the selfless defender of Mr. Tayler's reputation is also directly connected to both Netmodular and to Jesse Tayler himself. A fairly important point Mr. Lefton neglects to mention.

This is exactly the kind of thing that allows detractors to call the integrity and editorial standards of bloggers into question. As Rick Bruner put it last year, in a short piece about Mazda's ill-advised faux blog:

"Marketers, please, please get the point: blogs are about building trust, not spinning it."

'Nuff said.


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