OK. Sorry for being so impolite, Charlie. I was frustrated. HuginAndMugin is so close and yet so far. Java is really useless to me if it can take 1 megapixel photos because I bought my Nokia 7610 phone mostly for moblogging! I didn't know Gallery, Camera, etc. were written in Java. I assumed they were written in C/C++ since they work properly with the camera and take advantage of the full 1 megapixel resolution. I thought erroneously that was not possible from Java.

So assuming that it can be done, could you Charlie please put me and the HuginAndMugin developer (Simon) in touch with somebody (or point us to a forum where we can post our source code and our problems) who can help us modify HuginAndMugin to take 1 megapixel photos on my 7610? Simon has told me it couldn't be done because the 7610 doesn't implement JSR 135 completely. I guess you are saying Simon is wrong. Prove us wrong and we'll be forever grateful and I bet Mike would be too! You can contact me on this blog or via email to roland AT rolandtanglao.com or via my 7610 mobile phone at +1 604 729 7924.

From Roland Tanglao's Weblog: Forget Java on mobile phones - it's too crippled to do anything worthwhile.:


yeah, i know what you mean. i've been held back many times due to the limited funcitonality of the java api implementations (e.g. bluetooth, gallery, camera, running modes, to name a few)

actually, since i posted that comment, i've been thiking of how to rig up a service without needing any app on the phone, but being able to integrate closely and easily with the phone.

it's a nice mental challenge while i'm on holiday.



ps and one more thing, actually the most popular apps in java are single-user, non-neworked games - it's all you can effectively do in the java sandbox.


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