I hate to be negative but why would anybody pay for this when you can syndicate your event for free by contributing to sites like upcoming.org and EVDB that generate RSS for free? And I haven't seen a website with an aesthetic this bad since about 1996. Suggestion:syndicate feeds for free, make money off of ads. Last thoughts: maybe this site is a joke? Please say it is.

From EventsRSS - Our Individual RSS Feeds, List Your Event.:


So what is this going to cost you and what do you receive? The cost of submitting an event to be included within our feed is $9.35 CAD and includes the G.S.T. That is cheaper than most community newspapers. Plus you get one extra special feature, you can add it any time and have it stay published until after the event expires. In many newspapers to have it appear in several editions of the same newspaper over several weeks is going to cost their fee times the number of editions. Here you pay one price to be included in one of the category feeds.


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