[CROSS POSTED from my Urban Vancouver Blog] - Richmond to be precise. Vancouver is strange. We got lots of little unsung companies like Ascalade doing cool stuff like this Skype phone but no huge defining cluster. I hope Bryght, Qumana, etc. are the start of Web 2.0 cluster.

Another cool Vancouver business. Go Ascalade go! If you don't know what Skype is, think of it as a cool way to make phone calls from your computer with computer to computer calls being absolutely free.

From Mark Evans :: Linksys' New Skype Phone.:


According to Tom's Networking, Linksys is about to unveil a Skype-only cordless phone called the CIT200. There's a Canadian angle as the unit will be made Richmond, B.C.-based Ascalade Communications, which recently raised C$40-million in an IPO. Ascalade makes a variety of wireless products such as digital cordless phones, VoIP phone systems, enterprise conferencing phones and baby monitors. The 2,000-employee company does all its manufacturing in China</p>


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