Shelley rocks as usual (and so does O'Reilly, O'Reilly's team were very helpful and encouraging to the Drupal team whose events I organized at OSCON and of course Marc, Russ and Om rock too!). Read the whole thing. Tim did a great job of explaining Foo Camp (scroll down to Tim's comment, why can't comments have first class links and not cr*ppy anchors?); the only thing "wrong" is that he should have posted this before the 1st Foo Camp. By "wrong" I mean, in this new online transparent world that crazy people like Tim, Shelley, myself and many others live in, you have to get these explanations out sooner rather than later. Have fun campers! I'll be chillin' with the kid this weekend!

From FooBar.:


Most importantly, if the purpose to go is to network, then you have to ask what the value of our online connectivity is if we feel we have to meet people in person in order to be successful. I mean, the people who are selling the whole "online experience" thing are the same ones who are running around from conference to conference, meeting to meeting. Either this is all new, in which case the old style of networking doesn't matter; or the people who are networking about how this is all new are propagating a lie.

I'd like to think this is new, and it doesn't matter how many 'it' conferences you go to, as long as you got the goods. So, to Tim and friends, have a lot of fun, take pictures, and write lots of reports. And to those who are doing the BarCamp thing, I hope you have fun, too. As for me, well, I'm thinking of creating Atom 2.0 and seeing if I can get on Slashdot.

Better yet: Eve 1.0, the syndication feed developed exclusively for women. Cool. And I didn't even have to stand in line for the bathroom to think of it.


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