I am sure this idea which was inspired by Kris winning a HP 375 mobile photo printer at the OSCON HP Photo contest is not new (I am sure Gail has thought of it for sure since she has one of these cool mobile photo printers) but I'll throw it out there for what it's worth:

  • Announce the party. It costs $5/person to be part of the party (for paper and printer ink).
  • 1st five to sign up are the "shooters for the party". The rest get to party but not to shoot.
  • 1st five take photos for half an hour somewhere and then meet back at a WiFi cafe with power.
  • The next half hour the fab five pick their top 5 photos from the half hour shot.
  • Then somebody with a laptop downloads the 25 top photos from the fab five.
  • Finally the whole party including the fab five pick the top five photos on this laptop.
  • Then you print out 1 of each of the top five photos for everybody at the party.
  • Much hilarity and fun follows :-) !

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