See I was right, PR is dead! And Dave Taylor agrees PR is dead (via IM from Richard)! Traditional PR is dead. PR People who are experts at being part of the conversation on the internet and in the tradtiional media like Darren Barefoot will be fine. The vast majority of PR flacks like travel agents and countless other non-value-adding intermediaries before and after them are in trouble.

From PR is dead - Global PR Blog Week 1.0 from 2004 (to refresh your memory).:


The following rant was inspired by Doc Searls and Ross Mayfield. Thanks to Constantin et al for the soapbox.

I don't believe in public relations. I am not a PR pro and never want to be. I just want people and corporations to communicate in the best possible fashion.

I don't believe in messages.
I don't believe in spin.
I believe in communication.
I believe in conversations.
I believe in relationships.
PR is dead, so let's get rid of it.

Instead let's get people who are passionate about your corporation to write about your company. People who believe and who can tread the delicate line between public and private, and the myriad of laws and regulations and write in an informal, natural and conversational voice. People who can tell your company's stories.

Most often, this will be full time employees. This will be BOTH your C level executives AND other employees.

Sometimes (rarely) this can be outsourced if and only if:...


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