I agree with Susan. Qoop is cool but its flickr support needs some beta luuuuv. It's cool that it supports photosets but it should also support flickr tags. Also it shouldn't timeout when confronted with the 14000 photos on my public flickr account (admittedly, most people don't have 14000 photos but I bet lots have more than 1000!) and it shouldn't take over 20 minutes to generate a photo book of the 1198 images on my non public flickr account. Hopefully they will improve in flickrTime. Go Qoop go!

From Susan Mernit's Blog: Qoop-another web to print/DIY platform--launches.:


QOOP is now out of beta and announcing partnerships with flickr and buzznet. Prez Phil Wessels says application plug-ins, developer SDK, sQOOP.com, and QOOPPrint.com are coming soon. Susan sez:This site is cool.


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