Love to see you here. Come on down! If you see me or Kris don't hesitate to grab us and we can speak "human" or "geek" (your choice :-) !) and explain the podcasting, blogging and videoblogging thing to you!

From Seattlest: Podcast Hotel (no pool, no HBO).:


The reason you're Portland-bound, by the way, is because you have to get to the Podcast Hotel event ASAP. They're going to teach you to podcast down there, which just might be your only shot at hooking up with your fan base, because let's face it: Those three chicks from Richland that loved your open-mic have not been by your mom's garage in, like, weeks. Podcast Hotel will get you fixed up with everything you need to get your music on the internet in a form all the geeks are loving right now and KEXP is a sponsor so there's always the pipe dream that someone from the station will be blown away by your unorthodox tuning and know a guy who knows a guy who has another open-mic you should totally play.

For those that are more technically then musically inclined, this should be a great event for you too. Indie music is the focus but there should be a lot to learn for anyone interested in getting into podcasting. Seattle wizard Phillip Torrone of MAKE Magazine will be on loan to Portland for this event and it's worth the drive just to see his ridiculously cool presentations.


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