[REMEMBER it's talk like a pirate day :-) ]

Awesome! Shiver me timbers! I really look forward t' buyin' a copy o' Shelley's book, listenin' t' that comely wench talk and meetin' that comely wench in Atlanta because I will be at th' XML conference presentin' Remixin' RSS: past present and future

   <p>From <a href="http://weblog.burningbird.net/archives/2005/09/19/ignore-th'-fact-that-its-workin'/" title="Permanent Link: Ignore th' fact that it&rsquo;s workin'">Ignore th' fact that 'tis not workin'</a>:</p>


I am givin' a talk called “Pushin' Triples: An Introduction t' Street RDF” at XML 2005, but I’ve about had it with talkin'.


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